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I studied Finance and I believe, it was one of the best personal decisions I made. I learnt about asset classes, balancing the books, trading theories and yada yada. But what made Finance especially intriguing to me is that I actually learnt to manage my money better – something I believe everyone, especially young females, should be empowered with. I am not a finance whiz or an investment guru but with my (limited) knowledge, I will like to share some of the ideas I have.

The thing with most Finance books and blogs is that they tend to be technical, so I hope I don’t bore you. I am not here to preach about savings or compounding your interest; Nor am I here to extol the virtues of fundamental analysis and managing your alpha, beta and the likes.

I am here to write and share more about how I, and you, can achieve certain  financial goals. Through simple, easy-to-understand methods like knowing which credit card will suit your lifestyle, which savings plan work your money the hardest, how to open your trading account, how much must you save to be a millionaire by XX. As for literature on the stocks to invest, the Sharpe ratio to look for, the target P/E, EV/EBITDA, I will leave that to the analysts!

I have been investing since 2006. I love Buffett, Soros and Gross; I spend a whole chunk of my time exploring their philosophies and other Finance theories.I spend obscene amount of money on Finance books. I’m a geek that way.

Drowned in Alphabet Soup,
V, Irreverent Finance Fanatic


Written by wonderwool

July 21, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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