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On Cooking – I don’t know and I don’t care.

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Once and for all, I cannot cook and I am NOT ashamed of it. So, stop judging me as if I am a lesser woman. Because. I. Am. Not. Look, accept that some women are not born to be domestic goddesses. I am bad at housework – there! I said it. So what? What’s the big deal if I can’t cook or clean well? I don’t have a problem with people who cook well, it’s a virtue and good for them. However, if anyone endlessly extol the virtues of cooking and repeatedly expect me to, we have a problem.

1. I am not striving to be a perfect wife/mother material.
I spent around $35,000 studying, slogging my ass off for XX years from primary, secondary, junior college and university not to be a friggin’ Martha Stewart. Repeat: I have no problem with anyone who are great in the kitchen or housework, I think it’s extremely admirable. I am just not them and everyone’s different. Accept that. I strive to work hard so that I can hire a domestic helper,

2. I don’t want to learn, thank you very much.
Stop asking me to learn how to cook. I know that it’s a life skill, that women need to know how to cook, that it’s good, that it’s healthy and yada yada yada. Thanks, but no thanks. I do not wish to acquire any culinary skills because:

(a) I have limited time
I have 24 hours and I’d much rather spend it on activities that I enjoy. I want to maximise my time; time well-spent, time enjoyed.
(b) I don’t enjoy cooking
(c) I am bad at it

3. I am not picky with my food
I enjoy eating everything and I don’t have a particular palate. A $2.50 economical rice fills me up and makes me as happy as a $50 meal. I eat everything and everything is easily available in Singapore.

4. Eating outside is economical for me, both logistically and monetarily
Buying groceries cost money. So do kitchen utensils, detergents, condiments and other kitchen necessities. Food, like I mentioned, is easily available everywhere in Sg. I can survive on an average of $3 per meal, what’s stopping me from just eating out every day?

5. There are many things I like but won’t be able to reproduce in the kitchen
My pathetic (non-existent) culinary skills aside, I enjoy a lot of food that I find hard to reproduce in a domestic kitchen. (The counter-argument to this will be a lot of home-cooked food can’t be found outside. I am aware of this.)

My mom’s a fantastic cook, all my friends want to be invited to eat her cooking. Yet, there will always food that she can never cook as well as dining establishments – sushi, for instance.

6. I don’t eat a lot. I don’t mind taking-away. I have no qualms reheating leftovers.
More of a counter-argument to ‘What about when you go to places when it’s expensive to dine out?’ I’ve stayed at expensive cities (New York, London, Sydney) for months and survived on not cooking. It works well for me. And NO, I didn’t suffer and enjoyed myself a lot. I know some people feel ashamed about taking away or hate eating leftovers. I have no such problems. In fact, I advocate them.

There you have it! Reasons why I don’t cook, why I don’t want to learn to cook and why people should stop asking me to. It’s annoying. Do I ask you to read books on Finance or Economics? Do I force you to write or read? Do I force you to play brainy games? Do I force you to shop or look at fashion catalogues or trashy magazines

Big. Fat. No. So, stop bothering me already. I don’t expect you to know the difference between Hervé Léger or Roland Mouret; so, don’t force me to know how to differentiate parsley and celery. I. simply. don’t. care.


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July 27, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Cherry kisses!

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After much deliberation and procrastination, here’s the website I’ve always wanted to have. All sugary and sweet. Still defining the concepts I will like to adopt but so far, it will be :

1) Fashion
Street Shots
2) Finance
3) Reviews – Food, Restaurants and Events
4) Blogging about everything under the sun
5) Travelogue

Here’s a big, fat hello to Candy Factory.

Your Excited Candy Lover