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Beautiful Weddings

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Think I have to blog happier post, so that all of you won’t be worried. I want this lady to shoot my wedding! Her pictures are mindblowing AND heartwarming. Loves it! 🙂

Beautiful engagement shot. Really pretty.
Another fantastic one.

How awesome is that?

Written by wonderwool

August 24, 2009 at 9:29 am

Cherry kisses!

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After much deliberation and procrastination, here’s the website I’ve always wanted to have. All sugary and sweet. Still defining the concepts I will like to adopt but so far, it will be :

1) Fashion
Street Shots
2) Finance
3) Reviews – Food, Restaurants and Events
4) Blogging about everything under the sun
5) Travelogue

Here’s a big, fat hello to Candy Factory.

Your Excited Candy Lover