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Losing Weight

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I’ve recently tried to diet (yes, that damned word!) as I gained a considerably amount of weight when I joined the workforce. The inactivity, drinkings, binging and always justifying comfort food made me a hefty girl. I am not those lucky few who can eat anything, don’t exercise and not put on weight. Well, I was fine with the extra weight I put on, my boyfriend wasn’t and so was others. Someone called me a “lump of flabs”, “plump  and chubby” (bitch!) ; it is also not easy being friends who are all skinny and hot.

Well,  my weight is permanently fixed at 57 kg and I can go no lower, only more. BOOHOO! So, my aim was to just lose the extra I gained. I think with all dieting, it has to be a healthy balance of exercising and controlling your food intake. I’m not a nutritionist, I believe in enjoying my food and I tend to gorge myself silly at times. But for the sake of fitting into my clothes, I have to watch what I eat. I am a strong believer of exercising too, I cannot stress this enough. I don’t believe in starvation.

So, I’m back to my pre-work weight of 57 now, lost a couple of kilos in the past month! Was gonna write on what I did, without suffering or beating myself up, but wasn’t sure if it was right.I mean, I’m no Gisele or some skinny model but I do truly enjoy my healthier lifestyle.

Probably will write on a easy, foolproof salad recipe and the most effective way to lose weight from jogging.


Written by wonderwool

August 26, 2009 at 11:58 am